Monday, March 26, 2012

CryoBUG Version 4 assembly

Well I learned a few things over the past several weeks when working with the CryoBUG. Not the least of which was the fact that the BUG was growing, and would soon be too big for what I had in mind. So going back to the drawing board, and taking into consideration what I'd seen in the last few months of testing, I decided to shrink things down and squish that BUG so-to-speak.

Below will be seen the result of this new design effort.

CryoBUG New HX Stack (on the left) compared to previous version (on the right)

The upper most coil in both cases is the dummy evaporator being used for test purposes only.

CryoBUG Version 4 complete prototype assembly

So in this latest version you can see that the HX stack (minus evaporator) is no larger than the compressor. This particular design is a 2-stage AutoC with no auxiliary condenser proceeding the 1st phase separator (Temprite 340 oil separator). The 2nd phase separator is made up from a 3/8" copper bullet strainer (almost hidden behind right side), which in proportion to the stack, is of appropriate volume to do a very reasonable job of separating the liquid condensate from the vapor at this stage.

When I get a chance, I'll post an updated piping diagram of this new CryoBUG version.

If you look over towards the left side, you'll see that I have now incorporated a High Pressure Cut Out (HPCO) and used it's housing to also add a power ON-OFF switch. Since I have been steadily increasing the amount of refrigerant as well as the Argon percentage, I thought it would be a good idea to have this extra measure of safety.

Testing should resume in a few more days. Just need to get some thermocouples attached and insulate the HX stack.


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