Saturday, September 8, 2012

CryoBUG Enclosure Arrived

Front Panel Express came through with flying colors. Everything looked great and was packaged very well for shipment. They offer a very complete enclosure service, including all the hardware (screws, nuts, brackets) required to complete the assembly. And by using their free software (Windows, Mac, Linux) it is relatively easy to create whatever you want.

And here it is assembled with one side panel removed (this was just a test assembly to make sure everything lined up properly). By the way that really slick looking handle on top, I got from Halder. It's made by a German company called Rohde, and boy do they know how to make a robust, yet beautiful flip-up handle.

I'll have more pictures later when I start doing the final assembly with all the refrigeration components.

In the meantime I was able to get the Cold Head welded to the mounting base, and polyurethane foam insulate the interior space. A special thanks goes out to Randy at Randy's Design & Machine for cleaning up the messy cut I made when I modified the original piece. And also to Mike from M&T Systems for doing such an excellent job on welding it all together.

I would also like to acknowledge the donation of the original unmodified Cold Head from back in 2009, although they will remain nameless since I'm not sure if they wish to be known.

It's good to have gotten to this point, because now I feel like a kid with a really cool Erector Set. You know the deluxe one with all the motors and gears. So basically I just need to bolt all the pieces together, wire it up, charge it, and press GO!


Bill St Pierre said...

The CryoBug case looks fantastic ! Your 2+ months of case design effort really shows in the final result. Front Panel Express not only did a great job fabricating this for you but also packaged the finished pieces very nicely (looks like a commercial "kit"). This sure beats making something like this in the garage with a hacksaw and a nibbler.

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