Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CryoBUG Life Testing 7 days and counting

CryoBug has been in continuous operation for just over 7 days now, and seems to be doing fine. Although there has been an ever so slight decrease in suction pressure, but the discharge remains unchanged. This morning it was a bit colder then it has been at 62°F. With this lower ambient condition, the Cold Head temperature dipped down just a few tenths of a degree away from -155°C.

Basically what the life testing will determine, is if I need to specify a certain Regen time period.
Regen =  regeneration cycle, a shut-down and thawing out of the unit, mainly for purposes of releasing accumulated trapped water vapor on the Cold Head, but can also restore system balance. So for CryoBUG this could free up any frozen oil that migrated up into the heat exchangers over time, and thus allow it to return back to the compressor during the first part of the next run before everything gets super cold again.
Hey even the Borg need to regenerate from time to time!

So I'm pretty excited and happy about how things are going with my little BUG. But not one to sit back and just be satisfied, I am already making plans for the Next Generation (pun intended).

By the way, I added a widget to my side bar that is keeping track of how long CryoBUG has been in Life Testing mode. If I was more adept at programming and setting up web servers, it would have been so cool to have a real-time display of the Cold Head temperature as well. But unfortunately my brain couldn't take the strain of having to figure that out, so you'll have to use your imagination instead.

That's it for this post :-)


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