Friday, January 10, 2014

CryoBUG Life Testing in Process

CryoBUG Life Test
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About 2 days ago I began 24/7 life testing of CryoBUG with what looks to be its final charge, based on Hydrocarbons and Argon.

For the test, I have it set up in a small insulated room in the back of my shop, which sees a room temperature variance of as low as 64°F at night, to a high of 74°F during the day. The room is only being heated by the energy feeding the CryoBUG demo unit (about 350 watts).

Over that 10°F (5.5°C) testing room ambient temperature range, the Cold Head has only varied by 2°C, ranging from -151 to -153°C.

I also don't see any unusual changes in compressor running pressures, which if there were, would likely be indicative of something beginning to freeze up. So far so good.

Using yesterday mornings readings, I entered the data on a piping diagram pictured below.

These readings correspond to a static heat load of roughly 10-15 watts. This is due to the Cold Head being poorly insulated by a barely adequate vacuum in a 2" vacuum vessel, which is not actively being pumped on. There is also no radiant shielding in use.

My plans are to run this unit non-stop for 4 weeks, or until it shows some signs of trouble. I'll try to report in weekly as the life test progresses.

Wish me luck :-)

BTW; here is the typical energy cost to run this thing 24/7 broken down into days, months and years.


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