Sunday, February 23, 2014

CryoBUG requires regeneration after 21 days

Well it appears that a very small amount of oil gets past CryoBUG's phase separator, and over time accumulates in the final cap tube feeding the Cold Head, ultimately freezing and blocking passage of refrigerant. The effect is gradual, taking nearly 3 weeks to cause a cooling problem.

Presently I have been running a 2nd life test going onto 18 days now, with an adjusted refrigerant charge. Thus far things are okay, but signs have already begun to appear that are similar to what was seen in the first test run. These signs signal a possible problem to come. I'll know for sure in about another week of 24/7 operation.

The problem isn't catastrophic, and the unit will recover by allowing it to warm up overnight and then restarting. However it would be better if a solution can be developed. And just such a solution is being implemented in the new CryoSPRITE prototype, which if successful can be incorporated into CryoBUG.

So life testing will continue.

Stay tuned for more news to come.


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