Monday, June 9, 2014

Aspen 1.9cc Compressor Dissected

The Aspen compressors are miniature rolling piston rotary DC Inverter refrigeration compressors (see image below courtesy of Thermaltake for how the internal stuff works). This is also the same basic principle and implementation used in the RIGID Tiny compressor I purchased as a replacement for the Aspen that met an early grave at my hands.

I figured since I blew up my Aspen (p/n 19-24-1101), I may as well take it apart and see what makes it tick (click image to enlarge).
Top shell removed

Motor windings (stator) removed

Permanent magnet rotor removed

Inside view of rolling piston compressor

compressor top plate/discharge valve removed

Under side view of top plate

Eccentric crank removed

Rolling piston removed

Vane removed

Pretty cool design!

Stay tuned for exciting news about my tests with the RIGID compressor.


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